Friday, January 9, 2009

An Affair at Nogales

After driving 520 miles the first day we crashed in Tucson. Early the next morning we headed out for Nogales, AZ so we could cross the border into Mexico. If you ever drove into Mexico you know that as you cross the border you either get a green or red light, the green signifying that you are free to proceed and the red requiring you to pull over for inspection. As it turned we were one of the unlucky ones that morning and got a RED light. We pulled over and our Thule on top was inspected. Naturally, we were questioned why there were so many shoes aboard our vehicle. It appears that you are only allowed 10 shoes per person visiting Mexico. We had twenty times that amount so we were immediately escorted back to the U.S. side. Eventually we found a Catholic Church in Nogales, Sacred Heart and donated half the shoes there emptying out just the Thule on top. We then told about another crossing station in town and attempted to enter there. Without a glitch this time we got the GREEN light and proceeded on our way into Mexico. We figured whether the poor received the shoes in Nogales or in Southern Mexico they were in need of them. We still had the other half and the rest of our supplies. I must admit my heartbeat went up a bit this morning.

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