Monday, January 12, 2009


We were able to replenish the Subaru with items waiting for us at St. Hedwig's in Guadalajara.

We had to break down the suitcases full of shoes and toothbrushes to accomodate the blankets.

We discovered in the process of packing again that our left-rear tire had a nail in it. Luckily we discovered this before heading out again and we were able to take it to the shop around the corner.

All in all, we were able to fill the Subaru once again and get it ready for the rest of our mission trip. Isn't God's ecomony great...


Ita said...

Wow!, Estan viviendo unas experiencias maravillosas, me gusta la del bebe y la cebolla.
Cuando regresen van a estar cansados de empacar y desempacar, aqui en Cypress los esperamos con alegria.
Please take care and God Bless You both!

audrey Galindo said...

thinking and praying for your safety!!!!! sounds and looks like you are two are having fun!!!! much love ,GALINDO FAMILY