Friday, January 9, 2009

Guadalajara, Mexico

After 1500 or so miles we finally arrived in Guadalajara at Fr. Gabriel's parish. We were joyfully greeted by the pastor and his family. Being famished from the journey they took us out to eat some authentic food from their home town of Gustave, Mexico. Can you guess what these tostadas came with?

a) salsa
b) cow lips
c) cow ears
d) all of the above


audrey Galindo said...

i look forward to your blog daily... you two are an inspiration !!! i love your pictures that are attached!!!! awesome!! i dont know how to put our family picture as a blogger...but will learn and get back to you on that!!! with much love... GOD BLESS ,galindo family

Mary Gilbert said...

Hola Padres, your trip seems like it's off to an amazing start. I love the food photos! You both could be on the next episode of one of our favorite TV shows, 'Diners,drive-ins, and dives' fun!

Thank you for setting up this wonderful blog site so that so many of us can travel along with you. It's nice to have 'dos techy padres as mi compadres'. (oh do I need help on my spanish)
Praying for you both each day and all who Christ places in your path.
His blessings upon you both, ~Mary and family

TheGamut said...

Growing up, we used to eat tongue roast and menudo. I'm not a fan of menudo any more, but I'd kill for a good tongue roast like mom used to make.